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Is Austin Lawn Care able to mow my property as a one-time service?

  • Unfortunately, Austin Lawn Care does not take on clients who are only looking for one or two mowing services. Our mowing services and schedules are tailored specifically for regular, weekly clients.

Can I request different types of work (fall/spring clean-ups, hedge trimming, mulching, etc.) as a one-time service? 

  • Yes. You can always request different kinds of work (besides one-time mowing services) to be done at your property. 

If I'm looking for a regular lawn mowing service, do I need to sign a contract?

  • No. Austin Lawn Care does not utilize contracts for most residential properties. You will pay per mow, and this will be reflected on your monthly invoice. We work under the mutual/verbal understanding that the service will be for an extended period of time. If something changes, or you must discontinue services, please let us know.

What areas does Austin Lawn Care service?

  • When it comes to regular lawn maintenance and landscaping projects, ALC typically services Vermilion, Amherst, South Amherst, Lorain, Huron, Avon, and Avon Lake. Exceptions may be made for large-scale projects.

How will I be billed, and how can I pay?

  • Billing is done monthly. Our primary method of billing involves emailing you an invoice at the end of a billing period. You can pay via cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Will my property be mowed each week during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, no matter what?

  • Ideally, yes. But, not always. This is dependent on weather, and rain (or lack thereof). We mow properties as needed. We don't want to harm your lawn by mowing when it's not needed. Not only is this a better way to keep your grass healthy, but you're not going to pay for unneeded services.

Austin Lawn Care already mows my property weekly. If I request an additional service, when can I expect it to be completed?

  • We encourage all of our clients to request their desired services as early as possible. The farther in advanced it is communicated with us, the easier it is for us to plan with you. You can request additional work via phone, email, or fill out the estimate form electronically. We appreciate a 3 week notice. 


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